To my beloved parents:

It’s my pleasure to have your child in my class, specifically in Filipino 8 and Filipino III. It is also my honor to inform you some points on my subjects.
During this grading period, our discussion will focus only on Balagtasan using the following grammars; Pangungusap, Pangngalan, Pang-uri at Pang-abay for Filipino II. So, at the end of the period, the students are expected to come up with their own piece according to the topic assigned to the group and perform it in the class and compete with other section.
For Filipino III, our discussion will also focus only on Teoryang Pampanitikan, particularly the Teoryang Humanismo, Imahismo, Romantesismo, Realismo at Eksistensyalismo. Using different genres of literature, the group will evaluate the parts, elements, types and the theory present. At the end of the period, the group is expected to come up with an strategic intervention material (SIM) on how to evaluate a kind of literature.
Finally, each student is expected to:
1. Put effort in doing their activities, even if it’s difficult, and
2. Participate in a group work, discussion or any task to achieve the goal.
Students will receive feedbacks on these matter and will be able to share their progress with you. If
you have some doubts on the topics and activities, just click in my wiki posted activities and topics grade 8 and topics bec for more information or you may call or visit me in school.
Truly yours,
Filipino Teacher